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Main idea: I've tried to exploit amnesia mechanics and made this game playable in zero-G. Hope you'll enjoy it, though it is mainly constructed by players, not by me. Also I'm looking forward to improving this game and adding new cards and I'm interested in any feedback, thanks.

3 to many, though you can play it alone:)

Setting up:

A pack of playing cards are mixed and stacked somewhere. Use dices or anything that you can think of to set up the turn order and to choose a narrator.


One of the players will be a narrator. He picks up a card which describes some situation in several words, for example "Car crash. Two bodies / Man runs away / You smell smoke". First sentence sets up a theme, the other three are optional and narrator should take only one of them. He starts his story with a couple of sentences, but then misses a detail, i.e. "I wake up in crashed car and see a couple of bodies laying on the ground, faces down. With a great effort and pain I get out of the car.. Damn, I can't recall, who was riding with me." Now other players are stepping in. Each one of them must pick a word or even a small sentence to fill the gap in the narrator's memory. After that he inserts one of player's phrase into his story in continues it with the next couple of sentences and again leaves a gap for player's to fill.

Whenever a player's phrase is applied and filled into the story, he receives 1 point. Narrator can continue the story as far as all the players agree with that and are interested. After the end of the story player's can choose next narrator by themselves or the player with the most points can become him.

1) "Car crash. Two bodies / Man runs away/ You smell smoke"
2) "Massive hangover. Naked girl / Shattered glass / You are tied up"
3) "Dark hut. Maniacal laughter / Blood stains / Loud music"
4) "On the skyscraper's roof. Party is going on / You are standing on the edge / Exit is locked"
5) "You're wearing a blindfold. Handcuffed / Soft music playing / Chinese shouts"
6) "Sunny beach. Wild animal scream / Wind is rising / Large party"
7) "In a forest. Sunset / Fire is burning bright / Dark figures outside of your tent"
8) "You wake up surrounded by people. They laugh / They cry / They look angry"
9) "You can't hear anything. Bright light blinds you / Headphones too loud / Party is goind crazy"
10) "Soft voices are calling you. You can't feel your legs / You are in your bedroom / There is some dissonance"

Published Dec 01, 2014
CategoryPhysical game